Reorganize and Group Your Tabs.

organization and information are often usefully combined

Now that your content is getting more polished
it is time to start thinking about
how your tabs are visually organized.

1 . Hierarchy of the tabs builds clarity.

The questions that your readers could ask most likely have a fairly clear order of importance.
It is useful to put the most common or the most important questions near the top of the page.
[ You go into "Move Mode" to move things around in your site ]

2 . Organize your pages into groups of tabs.

Looking at your tabs, you might be starting to make a clear distinction between them. You may see how some pages are describing similar aspects of your subject and others are more isolated or specific. You can use these classifications to break them into groups.
[ You do this by separating your tabs with spacers, in the menu when you add a page. ]
As you regroup visually your tabs, keep in mind to guide readers in understanding and navigating your content.

 • Contact section

It is very important that your readers can contact you.
A "contact us" page is often implemented near the bottom of the site. This typical location will allow readers to find your contact information easily. Don't forget to include a map if you are a location based business. You could create a tab titled "where to find us", regrouped with your "contact us" tab, if you actually want people to find your physical location easily. 

 • Creating order shows your choices and the attention you bring to service

"Practical information" is another example of what could be used as a group of tabs, such as including a "link page" with useful resources, "about us", the history of your company, or a list of nearby activities.

Tabs are a list and small lists are perceived well.

Research has shown that when grouping items together 3 elements are ideal. Readers will easily focus on and retain the information in lists of 3 elements and up to 5. When lists have more than 5 elements readers start to pay less attention. It is Beneficial to your readers to have small groups of related items that they can focus on and digest with ease.

Small groups of tabs will allow readers to comfortably navigate your site. 

White on black? or black on white? Without regrouping them, your tabs can feel pretty confusing


Now that the structure of your website is at a point where it is easy to navigate, it is time to offer your readers a proper index of what you will present them in the website. 

Now it is time to write your homepage.