How to write for the web ?
How to make your content stand out in search engines ?

Clear websites are preferred by visitors.

Clear websites are preferred by search engines.

Visitors to websites usually don't spend much time there. There's a lot to see on the web, and you don't have much time to make an impact, this guide will help you be clear as you can.

You want to organise your website around the questions your readers will ask as they arrive to your effective home page.

You will dedicate one page per topic and help readers and search engines to understand what you present, proposing them links between your pages.

You will soon discover the importance of choosing the right titles at the right place and you will learn how to test your site on Google the right way.

SimDif (SimpleDifferent) is here to help you achieve this.

SimDif is a website builder designed for extreme ease of use, and also to help you efficiently organize your website, for your readers and for Google.

Our "Write for the Web" guide is an example of what you can do for your readers:

The clear menu on the left lets your visitors see where they can go to answer their questions. Once a tab is clicked, visitors won't feel lost because the tabs remain as a constant reminder of where they are, and present what other pages are available for them to visit.

Your reader needs to know where he is. He also needs to know where to go to answer a question, without having to search for it. This is the most comfortable way for your reader to explore and remember the material that you present.

Write for the Web explains how these same qualities

also help search engines recommend your site.

You are not your client.

A crucial concept in web design is understanding that your site is designed for your readers, not for you.

Temporarily forgetting your own tastes and expectations will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls when building a site. It's vitally important to listen to your potential visitors. Turn to them in order to understand how to organize the pages and appearance of your site.

Write for the Web helps you focus on your reader.

This guide is not intended to make you believe that there is only one way to make a website. It is more a collation of concepts, tips and points to consider when creating a site. The methods outlined help you keep track of some of the key concepts that make for a good presentation website.
Make your site useful for your readers and it will be more easily indexed by search engines.

We encourage you to actively read this quick guide.

We keep improving it to make it as simple as possible.

These pages here are for you to browse at will, but please note that the numbers suggest a good order in which to address the key points.

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